News Articles

February,3 2016

Our annual conference was very special this year.  It was held in Denver, hosted by Angel Flight West in conjunction with the Gala Endeavor Awards Dinner.  Cirrus Aircraft generousl sponsored the events making it possible for additional organizations to participate and for conference attendees to also attend the associated Endeavor Awards Gala.  For details see our Air Care 2016 Page.

May,15 2015

Our annual conference was held in San Antonio, hosted by Angel Flight Central, and all agreed it was a wonderful, valuable, and enjoyable gathering!   See our conference page at for details!

February,16 2014

The Air Care Alliance is pleased to announce that we have been named as one of the ten recipients of the inaugural AOPA Foundation Giving Back awards!  We were informed of the decision in September 2013 by Adam Smith of AOPA.  

February,15 2014

October,22 2012

The Air Care Alliance and AOPA Foundation’s Air Safety Institute Unveils Public Benefit Flying Online Course

July,25 2010

Please visit our Relief information Page for useful guidance on how you can help.

July,25 2010

Our Public Benefit Aviation tent on AeroShell Square introduced many visitors to volunteer based charitable flying! We will have news about it soon...

July,23 2010

NTSB Issues Three Safety Recommendations following investigations of accidents. Volunteer Pilot Groups are asked to provide comments. See Bulletin 6-16-10.