CMF History

Original 1999 Letter to Public Benefit Flying Groups and Pilots

May 29, 1999

TO: Public Benefit Flying Organizations and Pilots

RE: Call Sign COMPASSION and three-letter designator CMF

Dear Friends,

On the first of this month at the Air Care Alliance 1999 national conference in Kansas City I announced that at our request the FAA had assigned an ICAO International Call Sign to the Air Care Alliance for use by all pilots and groups flying public benefit flying missions. At that time I indicated that a notice detailing the specific procedures for using the call sign, after development and a review by FAA, would be distributed to the various groups for use by the volunteers who perform the missions.

The enclosed three-page document should provide all the information your group and its pilots will need in order to begin using the call sign and associated three-letter designator. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

In this mailing I have also included a copy of the article about the call sign that was distributed to FAA personnel in the April 13 issue of its agency newsletter, the FAA Intercom. Please note that the FAA worked hard to implement the call sign and deserves tremendous thanks for the help and advice we enjoyed.

Please freely copy these materials to your pilots and operational personnel. Note that a current version of the procedures will also be maintained on the Air Care Alliance website at and we encourage you to provide a link to it from your own site.

We at the Air Care Alliance hope that this new tool will assist you in your and your volunteers’ worthy work flying to help others.

With Warm Regards,

  Rol Murrow

Rol Murrow, Chairman Emeritus
The Air Care Alliance

ENC: COMPASSION Procedures for Use; Intercom article