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News from the Air Care Alliance. Supporting, promoting, and representing volunteer pilots and charitable aviation.

2024 Air Care Conference Takes Place in Fort Lauderdale

Those involved with public benefit flying gathered once more at the Air Care Alliance’s annual AIR CARE Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this April. The 32nd iteration of the conference was hosted by ACA member group, Vital Flight. Representatives from 20 different public benefit flying groups from all across the country attended and discussed […] Read More

A Message From the President of ACA

I have always felt that an organization’s vision is the driving force behind what is accomplished and what needs to be accomplished, whether that organization is large or small, for profit or not for profit. In recent years, our vision at Air Care Alliance has been to “maximize charitable aviation through organizations and pilots flying […] Read More

Reaching the Next Generation of Volunteer Pilots: Meet Mia Anderson

The Air Care Alliance is constantly seeking ways to promote public benefit flying and recruit more pilots. As our industry is faced with an aging volunteer pilot population and an increased need for services, raising awareness for public benefit flying is more important now than ever. One solution is to plant the seed of service […] Read More

ACA and NAA Recognize the Best in Humanitarian Flying

The Air Care Alliance (ACA) and the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) are honored to announce the 2023 Public Benefit Flying Awards recipients. Uniting their love of flying and selfless devotion to humankind, pilots and other volunteers engaged in Public Benefit Flying combine their talent and time with the desire to help others. Types of Public […] Read More

Legislative Update

With the support of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and many Volunteer Pilot Organizations and aviation industry groups, ACA has been working for a legislative solution to the Federal Aviation Administration’s restrictive policies that deny most volunteer pilots the possibility to receive fuel reimbursement for their charitable flights. (See related information here) Senator […] Read More

Air Care Alliance Welcomes Two New Directors

The Air Care Alliance is pleased to announce the election of two new Members to its Board of Directors: Mark Rogers and JJ Suarez. “Our Board of Directors is composed of a dedicated team of leaders committed to fostering and enhancing charitable aviation,” said Jim Hesseman, President of Air Care Alliance. “We are excited to […] Read More

Common Flight Board a Collaborative Solution

Many volunteer pilots fly for multiple organizations which we all agree is a wonderful thing! In fact, every pilot that completes a volunteer application through the Air Care Alliance (ACA) website applies to three different organizations on average. ACA encourages pilots to serve through aviation in as many ways as possible. However, logging into multiple […] Read More

Flying for Compassion – Lightspeed eBook features ACA Groups

Lightspeed Aviation, the leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets like the Zulu 3 and the new Delta Zulu has produced a FREE eBook for the general aviation community and we are featured in it! This 32-page eBook, Flying for Compassion, is free to download and is full of stories of inspiration, but also provides tips […] Read More

Nominations for Public Benefit Flying Awards Open Through August

Do you know someone doing great things for Public Benefit Flying? Whether a volunteer pilot, a non-flying volunteer, or an individual or organization providing extraordinary support, you can help give them the recognition they deserve. Nominate someone deserving today! About the Awards The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Air Care Alliance (ACA) created the […] Read More

Stronger Together

LifeLine Pilots shares the secret to its 230% growth over the last four years…collaboration! “Collaboration is one of LifeLine Pilots’ six core values,” says Lindsey Kerr, Executive Director of LifeLine Pilots. “We know that we are strongest when working together towards the common goal of helping people in need of long-distance transportation.” During recent years, […] Read More