Reaching the Next Generation of Volunteer Pilots: Meet Mia Anderson

The Air Care Alliance is constantly seeking ways to promote public benefit flying and recruit more pilots. As our industry is faced with an aging volunteer pilot population and an increased need for services, raising awareness for public benefit flying is more important now than ever. One solution is to plant the seed of service with those just getting started so we can begin to grow the next generation of volunteer pilots.

How can we reach younger generations of pilots and inspire them to get involved?

Mia Anderson–a remarkable high school student and aviator–wants to help! Mia is already making great strides toward advancing the field of aviation by mentoring, inspiring, and educating future aviators through her nonprofit Air Ambition. She is passionate about giving back through aviation and we are thrilled that she has recently joined the Air Care Alliance’s marketing committee as an ambassador for public benefit flying!

Learn a little more about Mia and what inspires her to help below.

Why do you use your love of aviation to give back?

Through my love of aviation, I have had many incredible opportunities and experiences, and I hope to use those opportunities to give back and make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s through volunteering my time to take a kid flying, donating resources to kids who are interested in the industry, or simply sharing my passion with others, aviation has the potential to inspire and uplift people in countless ways.

Why is public benefit flying important to the aviation community?

Public benefit flying is vital to the aviation community and industry because it has the potential to provide critical services to those in need. It also can provide educational opportunities to youth. Public benefit flying can promote aviation and inspire the next generation of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. By providing a valuable service to the community, pilots and aviation organizations can showcase the positive impact that aviation can have on society.

Tell us about a public benefit flight you have participated in?

One public benefit flight I participated in that was special to me was my own! When I was 13, I took my first Young Eagles flight with one of the pilot mentors my dad had when he was going through his flight training. This was the very first time I would be flying behind the controls, and from the moment we took off, I knew I would be a pilot one day. From that day on, I always said that when I became a pilot, I would also become a Young Eagle pilot. Sure enough, as soon as I got my Private Pilot’s License, I became a Young Eagles pilot. I have taken up 8 Young Eagles so far, and my favorite part is seeing the same joy on their faces that I had when I took my first discovery flight.

Inspired by what you’ve read? Get involved! If you’d like to help our marketing committee spread the word about public benefit flying, please reach out to Carley Walker at