Safety Resources

The Air Care Alliance is proud to have worked in conjunction with the AOPA’s Air Safety Institute to develop safety recommendations for volunteer pilots. ACA encourages all volunteer pilots to take the interactive online course, Public Benefit Flying: Balancing Safety and Compassion. Take Course   Additional Safety Resources Public Benefit Flying Safety – AvWeb […]

Tax Deductions for Volunteer Pilots

Q. Can a volunteer pilot take a tax deduction for costs of flight? A. Yes. FAA still considers it to be compensation, but has stated that it supports “truly humanitarian efforts” and will generally not treat charitable deductions related to public benefit flights as compensation or hire for the purposes of enforcing FAR 61.113 or […]

Register for Call Sign

Get Your COMPASSION Call Sign Today   The COMPASSION call sign is intended to clearly identify routine ambulatory patient transport and other public service missions conducted by volunteers including: animal transport, environmental flights, disaster response and other non-profit flying that serves the public interest. Why Use COMPASSION? Register for Call Sign Frequently Asked Questions Identify […]


FAA INTERCOM Article: FAA published an informative article about the COMPASSION call sign in its magazine for FAA personnel, “Callback.” The following article was published in the April 13, 1999 FAA Intercom newsletter April and circulated to personnel at all FAA Regional Offices. FAA Intercom April 13, 1999 Calling All Angels Picture: Angel Flight West is […]

CMF History

Original 1999 Letter to Public Benefit Flying Groups and Pilots May 29, 1999 TO: Public Benefit Flying Organizations and Pilots RE: Call Sign COMPASSION and three-letter designator CMF Dear Friends, On the first of this month at the Air Care Alliance 1999 national conference in Kansas City I announced that at our request the FAA […]

CMF Call Sign FAQs

What is the COMPASSION Call Sign? The COMPASSION call sign and it’s three-letter designator CMF is intended to clearly identify routine ambulatory patient transport and other public service missions conducted by volunteers.The COMPASSION call sign was assigned to the Air Care Alliance as an organization that promotes public benefit flying in 1999. What are the […]

CMF Procedures

Public Benefit Flying Three-Letter Designator “CMF” and Associated Radiotelephony Call Sign “COMPASSION” New Procedures for Use by Authorized Groups and Their Pilots Author: Rol Murrow, Chairman Emeritus, Air Care Alliance Effective Date: November 4, 2019 Purpose: This document discusses the Air Care Alliance’s international aircraft call sign COMPASSION and its associated three-letter designator CMF, describes […]

Legal Matters and Regulations

Can I accept reimbursement for flight costs? Generally no, unless your organization has an FAA exemption and you and your organization fully comply with its requirements. See legal materials below for more information about fuel reimbursements and flying a groups’ aircraft as a volunteer. Can a volunteer pilot organization let me fly a plane they […]

Volunteer pilots

Volunteer Pilots – this is your one-stop volunteer pilot group information source. Use our automated referral system under the Request a Flight button to find a group serving your area, or View our entire Directory of Groups Please study the listings carefully and you will find organizations specializing in patient and medical transport and also […]

Disaster Relief

General aviation can be a lifeline in times of natural or national disaster. Volunteer pilots can help with search & rescue efforts or aerial assessment of damage. They may transport medical and emergency relief staff, deliver critical medical and relief supplies to affected areas, or relocate survivors or evacuees. The services of volunteer pilots are […]