Volunteer Opportunities

Make a difference Through Aviation We’ll help you find opportunities to put your skills to good use.  PILOTS NON-FLYING VOLUNTEERS Access to Medical Care Animal Rescue Disaster & Emergency Response Precious Cargo Conservation Support Education & Experience Flights GETTING STARTED Access to Medical Care Many volunteer pilot groups arrange free air transportation for patients in […]

Misuse of Expense Sharing and Understanding Pilot Privileges

FAASTeam Notice Notice Date: Monday, January 31, 2022 Notice Number: NOTC2238 Unauthorized 135 operations continue to be a problem nationwide, putting the flying public in danger, diluting safety in the national airspace system, and undercutting the business of legitimate operators. This letter is a follow-on to the May 2020 Informational Pilot Letter and a continuing effort to […]

Exchange Your Call Sign

Make a donation to ACA and you can upgrade the call sign number that was originally assigned to you for one of your choosing (availability permitting). All proceeds support our mission of promoting, supporting, and representing public benefit flying. Rules: Numbers only from one to four digits. No alphabetic characters are permitted. Numbers beginning with […]

Volunteer Pilots Needed

Looking for a good reason to fly? You’ve come to the right place. Get Started Passion. Compassion. Purpose. Volunteer Pilot Organizations all across the country need pilots just like you. Whether your passion is helping people or animals, providing disaster relief or environmental support, you can put your pilot skills to good use. We’ll help […]

Pilot FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions What kinds of opportunities are available? Expand Volunteer Pilot Organizations all across the country serve a variety of humanitarian needs. Some ways volunteer pilots can help include: Access to Medical Care Environmental/Conservation Animal Transport/Precious Cargo Emergency Response Civil Service/Veterans Transport Education & Experience Flights What are the qualifications for being a volunteer […]

Volunteer Pilots Wanted for Research Study

Volunteer Pilots are exceptional people–there’s no doubt about that. But what motivates them? How do their experiences shape their volunteerism and sustain their interest? PhD candidate Melanie Porter wants to find out. Her research seeks to investigate and discover the motivation factors that prompt an individual to participate in continued volunteer engagements. The study aims […]

Hot Topics

Hot topics affecting charitable aviation COVID-19 effects on Volunteer Pilot Operations Expand What’s happening? The coronavirus pandemic presents new challenges to volunteer pilots and organizations. Air Care Alliance encourages pilots and organizations to be aware of the risks involved in operating flights at this time and to exercise best practices to minimize them. Please review […]