Pilot Registration

The Air Care Alliance supports, promotes and represents public benefit flying and pilots just like you! To learn more about the ways ACA supports public benefit flying click here.

Use the form below to register with ACA and receive your unique CMF call sign for use on qualifying public benefit flights. (Be sure to select Yes in the “Issue Callsign ID” drop-down below.)

Please note:

  • In order to use any call sign, your aircraft needs to be equipped with an ADS-B unit that allows the pilot to edit the flight ID. Please ensure your unit has this capability before registering for a call sign.
  • Call signs are reserved for active pilots who are qualified to serve as PIC for ACA authorized groups. If you don’t see your organization’s name as a selection, they may not be authorized for CMF use. Please contact your group for information.
  • Your member status will be verified with the organization(s) you fly for before a call sign will be issued.
  • To ensure accurate verification, please use the email address on file with your volunteer pilot organization.
  • You will receive a username and password. Please retain this information to update your contact information and the groups you fly for as needed.
  • Registration for a call sign is FREE. If you’d like to make a voluntary contribution in support of ACA’s work and the administration of the call signs, please click here.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to follow the FAA and ACA procedures and rules for using the call sign or you may lose the right to use it and possibly be found in noncompliance with FAA regulations. Before proceeding be sure to read the procedures for use at this link.