Voting Member

Thank you for choosing to be a Voting Member of ACA!

Your nominal membership contribution allows us to continue our mission in support of organizations and pilots flying to serve the needs of humanity. It enables us to foster communication and collaboration among groups; to bring our message in front of aviation associations, government agencies and the general public; and it supports administration of the CMF call sign program for volunteer pilots.

In addition, Voting Members receive many benefits from their association with the Air Care Alliance. They are able to network with many other like-minded organizations and learn from one another; participate more fully in organizing and determining the content of our annual Air Care conference; have delegates participate on our board committees and working groups to develop national policy regarding public benefit flying; work with our other members in setting priorities and achieve consensus on such issues as safety, regulations, and legislation; and be featured as Members for email referrals as well as in our website Directory of Groups.

Voting members must be independently administered valid nonprofit public benefit organizations (or those with an application pending for such status).

By completing this form, you are affirming that your organization operates in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations related to the conduct of nonprofit charitable organizations and with all Federal Aviation Regulations as they relate to fuel expense reimbursement and payment of pilot expenses and, if applicable, operation of aircraft by the organization.