Flying for Compassion – Lightspeed eBook features ACA Groups

Lightspeed Aviation, the leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets like the Zulu 3 and the new Delta Zulu has produced a FREE eBook for the general aviation community and we are featured in it! This 32-page eBook, Flying for Compassion, is free to download and is full of stories of inspiration, but also provides tips on how you can use your skills as a pilot to become involved with charitable organizations.

This collection of stories highlights a multitude of ACA organizations, and the amazing pilots that volunteer their time to help others. Read about these amazing stories of determination, people who served, worked, studied, saved—who did whatever it took to earn the freedom of the skies.

In this inspirational eBook, you can read these pilot’s stories of giving back to the world through various organizations. Click here to access the Flying for Compassion eBook now!