Legislative Update

With the support of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and many Volunteer Pilot Organizations and aviation industry groups, ACA has been working for a legislative solution to the Federal Aviation Administration’s restrictive policies that deny most volunteer pilots the possibility to receive fuel reimbursement for their charitable flights. (See related information here)

Senator Ted Budd (NC) and Representative Bill Huizinga (MI) have introduced legislation to accomplish these goals.
Senator Budd’s Volunteer Pilot Support Act would allow volunteer pilots with 500 hours total time and an instrument rating who volunteer for any 501(c)(3) volunteer pilot organization to receive fuel reimbursement for their charitable flights.

With the FAA funding (“Reauthorization”) up for grabs this year, it is usually an opportune time to introduce aviation related legislation.

The House has passed its version of the Reauthorization which includes many good provisions for General Aviation, but unsatisfactory language on this issue. A more favorable proposal offered by Rep. Huizinga, which is similar to the Senate version, did not make it into the House Bill.

Unfortunately, for unrelated reasons, the Senate is not expected to pass a Reauthorization any time soon, so we may have to consider pushing the bills forward on their own. ACA will support Senator Budd’s Bill when the Senate decides to resume work on the Reauthorization and then hopefully have it included in the final version agreed upon by the House-Senate Conference.

We will keep you updated on any developments and let you know how to help.

Our special thanks to Jim Coon at AOPA who has guided us and spearheaded our efforts.

Jeff Kahn, Esq.

Air Care Alliance Chairman