A Message From the President of ACA

I learned many years ago that a vision for any organization must be repeated often for it to become an integral part of the future direction and the impact it may have on those you are striving to serve.

So, with that in mind, it’s important to emphasize that our vision at Air Care Alliance is to “maximize charitable aviation through organizations and pilots flying to serve the needs of humanity.”

In our efforts to achieve this vision, Air Care Alliance had a very productive 2022 as we were able to:

  • Promote the impact of volunteer pilots nationally through our first ever Public Benefit Flying Day
  • Connect 52% more individuals in need with ACA member groups through our referral program
  • Resume our annual AIR CARE Conference bringing together volunteer pilot organizations from all over the country to collaborate and share ideas
  • Continue our work with industry leaders and regulators to advocate for the needs of this important sector

In 2023, ACA will continue to support the missions of Volunteer Pilot Organizations and enable them to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. We will focus our efforts on connecting pilots who are interested in becoming volunteers with the organizations that need their services. And we will continue to be a resource for those in need who simply don’t know where to begin in their search for assistance through aviation.

If you are currently a volunteer pilot, thank you for your passion to help others through aviation whether it be for those in need of medical treatment, rescuing animals, providing critical supplies for disaster relief or for any other form of charitable aviation.

If you are not yet a volunteer pilot but are considering how you can start giving back through aviation, please contact us at Air Care Alliance. You will certainly be rewarded for your compassion and may find it can become the primary reason you’ll want to fly and fly often.

Thank you to all our Volunteer Pilot Organizations, their dedicated employees and volunteers, the pilots who currently volunteer and to those who will become volunteer pilots in 2023. Your efforts, your generosity and your commitment to your missions will help many people in many ways for many years…

Jim Hesseman


Air Care Alliance