Membership in the Air Care Alliance indicates that a Volunteer Pilot Organization (VPO) or other volunteer-based public benefit flying organization supports the mission of the Alliance and shares in the concept that it benefits the work of all groups if the Members collaborate in order to improve their missions of service to the public and to enhance access to aviation transportation for those with special needs. Likewise, individuals, companies, or other organizations supportive of public benefit flying may join.

Members receive many benefits from their association with the Air Care Alliance. They are able to network with many other like-minded organizations and learn from one another; participate more fully in organizing and determining the content of our annual Air Care conference; have delegates participate on our board committees and working groups to develop national policy regarding public benefit flying; work with our other members in setting priorities and achieve consensus on such issues as safety, regulations, and legislation; and be featured as Members for phone and email referrals as well as in our website Directory of Groups flying to serve our communities.

About the Directory: The Air Care Alliance lists all nonprofit volunteer flying groups, whether they are members of the Air Care Alliance or not, in the interests of providing all possible help to patients, communities, and others with needs. Listing does not imply a review or endorsement of any group, thus individuals must make their own determinations about the helpfulness, relevance, or validity of individual groups and their volunteers, and about their fundraising practices. However Members are given special prominence because of their willingness to work in mutual support with other organizations and improve the state of the art of pubic benefit flying overall, demonstrating their commitment to provide maximum service to those in need and to society through charitabe aviation.

Referral System Information and Membership Renewal Forms

The following form may be used by group leaders who wish to have their organizations and information listed by the Air Care Alliance and referrals made to them. They may also be used for groups, companies, or individuals wishing to apply for ACA membership.

The form may be printed out, completed, and mailed or faxed to the Air Care Alliance as indicated on the form.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

Form for free listing or to join ACA: click for our membership request PDF form, as well as for sending listing renewal and annual information updates.